FBA sea freight door-to-door double clearance

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Zongwei Supply Chain can provide unique customs declaration, clearance, and agency clearance services. If your FBA goods are detained by customs in the importing country, we can handle customs clearance for you except for the reasons of the product itself, to avoid high return fees when the goods are returned to China.

We have the following advantages:

1 Amazon FBA warehouse for sea freight clearance and delivery, without the need for customers to register a company in the importing country

2. Own import and export rights, act as an agent for customers to export and import

3 Senior domestic customs broker

4 American senior customs broker (American customs broker has more than 20 years of customs declaration experience)

5 Senior British customs broker (with 10 years of freight and customs clearance experience)

In addition, we have well-known customs clearance companies in five European countries and Japan, which can assist the courier company in customs clearance when the goods arrive at the airport. After customs clearance, the delivery will be directly delivered to the door by the courier company.

Currently, FBA customs clearance services for Zongwei's supply chain include the following 10 countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, Japan, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Mexico. The customs clearance capability of Zongwei's supply chain is widely recognized among peers, and some have also sought our help!

Committed to providing the most convenient, worry free, and cost saving sea freight logistics services for exports, importers, and e-commerce customers. Zongwei's supply chain has always been willing to be your worry free partner, sailing for you and striving to become the industry leader!

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