Long distance relocation from Shanghai to Korea

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Shenzhen to South Korea Long Distance Moving | Shenzhen to South Korea International Moving Company specializes in providing services for Shenzhen to South Korea immigration moving and Shenzhen to South Korea personal luggage and belongings check-in. We have

Professional personnel are responsible for customs declaration and clearance of moving items. From business consulting to door-to-door pickup, goods tracking, and delivery to home, a salesperson is responsible for tracking the entire process, making it more direct and effective for customers

Provide maximum assistance to users.

service content 

1. Provide one-stop door-to-door moving services (door-to-door pickup, item packaging, and delivery to your new home).

2. We can provide customers with moving cardboard boxes in advance, making it convenient for them to organize their personal belongings on their own.

3. Provide customs declaration and clearance services, handle moving transportation insurance on behalf of others. Once the goods are damaged, a dedicated person will be responsible for handling the claims throughout the entire process, eliminating your worries.

Transportation of personal belongings

Clothing, shoes, books, office supplies, kitchen supplies, toys, food, etc.

★ Long distance moving of such items is mainly carried out in cardboard boxes. Small and fragile items are packaged with packaging materials and then placed in cardboard boxes, making it convenient to classify items when they arrive at a new home.

Furniture and electrical transportation

Wardrobe, bed, TV cabinet, dining table, dining chair, computer desk, office desk and chair, boss's chair, screen partition, sofa, coffee table, rattan chair, and various old-fashioned furniture, mahogany furniture, etc.

Computers, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, fans, air conditioners, fitness equipment, and various household appliances. According to the actual situation of the goods, different packaging methods are adopted. The packaging materials include: bubble film, cardboard box, wrapping film, wooden frame, fully enclosed wooden box, etc.

Transportation of valuable and irregular items

Piano, mahogany furniture, antiques, sculptures, artworks, precious calligraphy and painting, etc. All packaging processes are carried out at the customer's home. If the customer is not satisfied with the packaging, they can receive a free second packaging.

Price timeliness query

Transportation method, transportation unit price, transportation starting price, pick-up starting price (yuan), delivery starting price (yuan), transportation time limit

Sea freight for heavy cargo 5:00 yuan/kg, light cargo 580 yuan/cubic meter 200KG 160 350 6-11 days

Free packaging of cardboard boxes and packaging materials, and various sizes of wooden boxes can be customized. View packaging cases

Explanation: This price and time limit are for reference only. For ordinary customers, accurate quotations are subject to phone inquiries from the sales department, while for monthly customers, the quotation in the signed agreement is subject.

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