Furniture shipped by sea to Paris, France

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I didn't expect the volume of goods to be so large before the new year. I have been going to France for several consecutive days, and the container picking up at the dock has also become busy. Some shippers are somewhat anxious. Miss Wang contacted our company and said that some furniture urgently needs to be shipped to Paris, France.

After consulting and exchanging with our customer service, we learned that this batch of furniture is approximately 15 square meters in size, which is quite abundant. We recommend using a full cabinet approach as a more cost-effective option. Everyone knows that furniture is easily damaged, and once it gets loose due to water ingress or scratches, it's not good. Therefore, we suggest buying separate insurance for customers. After quoting, the order was quickly confirmed.

In the end, she entrusted our company to collect goods and collect them at the container freight station, and unpacked them at the destination container freight station. Our company was responsible for delivery and completed the entire French sea to door transportation.

Then we arranged for booking, picking up the goods, and arranging for a ship in early December. On the first day, we arranged for her to load the container and return to Beijing. The next day, customs clearance was arranged and released normally, just in time for the departure of the ship. After a 25 day voyage, the goods finally arrived in Paris, France.

During this period, we sent the packing list and invoice to the French company in advance, so that they could prepare customs clearance documents and other matters in advance. After the ship arrives at the port, we notify the consignee to make payment. After receiving all the payment, we notify the French company to handle customs clearance and deliver the goods, and promptly provide feedback to the shipper.

After customs clearance is completed, the agent will implement delivery based on the customer appointment information provided by us. Once the appointment is made, the process will be completed, and the entire transportation will take about 33 days. After receiving the goods, the consignee notified the shipper. He said that the goods were received, the service was good, and the efficiency was also good. He simply received the goods at home, and the goods were intact. He expressed his appreciation for this.

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