Amazon Full Cabinet Case in the United States: LED Lights to FBA in the United States

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On September 5, 2015, Mr. Chen from Shanghai contacted our company and said that we would arrange for a 40GP, approximately 46 square meters of lighting fixtures to be delivered to Amazon warehouses in the United States, and they would need to be delivered to two different Amazon addresses.

Based on the specific goods information provided by Mr. Chen, we have quoted the price to Mr. Chen. Upon hearing this, Mr. Chen found the price suitable and arranged for this batch of goods to be delivered to us.

On the first day, we arranged for the installation of cabinets in Zhongshan from September 9th to return to Shenzhen. The next day, customs clearance was arranged, and the clearance was normal, just in time for the departure of the ship on September 13th. After a 14 day voyage, the goods finally arrived in Los Angeles, United States.

During this period, we sent the packing list and invoice to the American company in advance, so that they could prepare customs clearance documents and other matters in advance. After the customs clearance at the port is completed, the agent will make an appointment with the Amazon ID information provided by us for the customer. Once the appointment is made, it will be delivered to the Amazon warehouse. This process is complete and the customer is very satisfied. They only need to provide the Amazon address and appointment ID, as well as the cargo packing list and invoice, and there is no need to worry about anything else.

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