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Five years is an important step in a person's life, during which they will undergo more or less transformations. Immigration has brought about significant changes in the living environment, affecting career and life, and people seem to have lived an extra life. Looking back on the experience of immigration for 5 years, I am filled with emotions. From the freshness and shock at the beginning to the enjoyment of safety now, I increasingly feel that immigrating to Canada is the wisest decision I have made in my life. Without immigrating, how could I know that the world is so exciting.

At the beginning, I had the idea of immigration because I didn't want to stay in China anymore. As a white-collar worker in a Beijing company, I gradually lost patience in the face of working nine to five every day. Immigration is the best way to change the situation.

I did not hesitate or struggle too much. Considering my own conditions, after understanding the specific policies and living environments of several major immigration countries, I chose to immigrate to Canada through technical means.

The scoring criteria for skilled immigrants in Canada mainly include six aspects: education, language, work, age, employment arrangements, and adaptability, with a total score of 100 and a passing score of 67. If I can achieve a passing score, it will ensure the success of skilled immigrants. Coincidentally, the scoring standards of Canada are not a problem for me.

At first, I had some discomfort when I arrived in Canada, but gradually I finally integrated. In order to integrate more quickly into the environment, I also did enough homework. I found a well-known large national moving company in China and moved everything I needed to Canada.

When it comes to moving, I have to mention how I first found an international moving company. At that time, the internet had already developed, and it was easy to understand the reputation of different merchants through the internet. Although the differences between merchants were not significant, I still made a decision after carefully selecting from three different stores. I contacted several reputable companies online and compared their quotations and customer service attitudes. Finally, I chose Zongwei Supply Chain International Moving Company. And I also asked several moving companies about the limit of insurance claims. As long as the customer service of Zongwei Supply Chain International provides me with a clear answer, the customer service of other companies will keep saying, 'Miss, don't worry, there won't be any problems.'.

Although logistics and handling services do not have much technological content, whether you use a 10000 ton ship or an aircraft carrier for transportation, you can arrive at your destination on time, and the probability of encountering a tsunami is extremely low. But there is always a contingency, and if something goes wrong, both parties will be in trouble. I am also responsible for myself by confirming in advance.

After immigrating, I have been learning and growing, and for 5 years, I have continuously recharged myself and gained several certificates.

I have just arrived in Vancouver and have changed jobs four times. Every time I change jobs, my annual salary increases by 3000 yuan and I can learn new things. I don't have much money to bring here, but I have the courage to keep trying and jump into higher paying jobs. I constantly learn new skills, add value to myself, and with the accumulation of work experience, I can gain recognition from my boss when proposing higher income.

Perhaps it's because I have strong learning abilities, and my superiors think I'm too capable, so they put a lot of obstacles in my work. I'm not happy with my work, so I resigned and decided to do it myself

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